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Marketing Review
Review your marketing with the right Approach

Approach Direct Marketing

Marketing Review

To enable us to get to know your business and help you plan an effective and successful Lead Generation campaign we recommend you conduct a marketing audit/review of your business.

This ‘audit’ provides a snapshot of the current situation and includes a systematic examination of every marketing activity (past and present) and achievements to-date to determine how well and cost-effectively each element helped you achieve your goals.

We use SOSTAC marketing framework and our own 4R’s planning tool to achieve this.

SOSTAC Marketing Framework

What is the SOSTAC Framework?

SOSTAC is a marketing model developed by P R Smith in the 1990s. It is an acronym for six fundamental facets of Marketing:


Where you are you now? From market trends and competitor analysis through to your internal capabilities.


The 8P’s, alongside a full communications plan, content plan and contact plan


Where do you want to be? What are your customer acquisition targets, your customer satisfaction aspirations and what is your unique point of difference?


Who’s going to be doing what and when, including the allocation of both internal and external resources?


How are you going to achieve your objectives? Targeting, segmentation and positioning


How are you going to monitor the campaign performance  through reviews and reporting?

SOSTAC contains a general marketing strategy which can be applied in various commercial situations and is an extension of the SWOT analysis which helps businesses get ready for marketing campaigns. 

What is the 4R's Planning Tool?

The 4Rs (Review, Reach, Respond and Retain your customers) is a marketing planning tool developed by us to work alongside SOSTAC.

It has easy steps to help you create effective marketing campaigns to understand your target market, how to reach your audience, identify the right marketing channels to use and how to profile and retain your customers for future campaigns.


We recognise that some of our clients prefer to run their lead generation campaigns inhouse. Don’t worry as we can provide Telemarketing Tutoring for business owners.

Let's get started

There’s never a better time than now to start building your business and realising your growth aspirations...

Here's what our clients have to say...

“Tracy and her team worked with us over 3 months making contact with new target customers by phone. They did a great job at making contact and keeping excellent call records. I highly recommend Tracy and her team.”

Software Developers

“I have worked with Tracy and her team at Approach for some years and they have run several campaigns for us, and this year have expanded their offering to include a full digital marketing campaign. Always impressed and would recommend them highly.”

IT Management Services

“We were very impressed with the results from the Ideal Client campaign we recently completed with Approach Direct Marketing. Tracy & her team exceeded our expectations as we were able to engage with a number of new corporate clients, which I am confident will lead to sales opportunities for the business.”

Corporate Branded Clothing