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Marketing Campaigns
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Marketing Campaigns


Any marketing activity, including telemarketing shouldn’t stand alone and will always achieve better results when mixed with other marketing activities such as social media, SEO, direct mail, e-marketing etc.

We have conducted a number of different marketing campaigns using ‘telemarketing’ at the core over the years and the following campaigns are instrumental in achieving the best lead generation results. 

Ideal Client Campaign

once we’ve established an understanding of your marketplace, key services and competitors, we’ll look at the information, research and statistics available and devise a tailor-made marketing & implementation plan to identify, attract, reach and retain the clients you want to reach and connect with.

Using our 4R’s planning tool, we will help you set objectives with short & long-term goals.

Whether it’s sales, marketing, communications, digital marketing or brand awareness, we can devise a bespoke plan to enable you to respond to your ideal customers with the perfect mix of communication, content and messaging.

CRM Profiling & Segmentation

Customer ‘AVATARS’ or sometimes referred to as ‘Personas’ are essentially a detailed description & profile of your key clients. Knowing who your ideal clients are, what they look like, their habits, fears, interests, challengers and aspirations will ensure you focus on delivering the ‘right message’ and instead of talking to ‘anyone’ you can start addressing ‘someone’.

Avatars simply bring your ‘customers’ to life by creating easy to understand fictional characters broken down by company products/services, available budgets, levels of customer service or restricted time restraints etc.

At the end of the campaign you will know why your clients would want to use you and where to find more of them. It will also help you gain valuable insights and assist in generating unique value propositions (UVP) that will ensure you achieve higher success results from all of your future marketing activities.

Database Management

Without a pro-active database it will be almost impossible to conduct an effective lead generation campaign. 

We are experts in ACT CRM which is also an ideal entry level CRM for telemarketing & marketing campaigns. (We don’t sell CRM systems but would be happy to put you in touch with Swiftpage who provide ACT.)

However, we have also used multiple online client CRMs over the years. If you need any advice on how to set-up an effective marketing database or support on how to make your existing database more pro-active, please contact us.

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Here's what our clients have to say...

“Tracy and her team worked with us over 3 months making contact with new target customers by phone. They did a great job at making contact and keeping excellent call records. I highly recommend Tracy and her team.”

Software Developers

“I have worked with Tracy and her team at Approach for some years and they have run several campaigns for us, and this year have expanded their offering to include a full digital marketing campaign. Always impressed and would recommend them highly.”

IT Management Services

“We were very impressed with the results from the Ideal Client campaign we recently completed with Approach Direct Marketing. Tracy & her team exceeded our expectations as we were able to engage with a number of new corporate clients, which I am confident will lead to sales opportunities for the business.”

Corporate Branded Clothing