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Marketing Strategy

We work with you from the beginning to create a marketing strategy that will help you determine your key target markets.  Market segmentation is crucial to ensure that you’re targeting clients that will have the desire for your product or service, whilst fulfilling your own business aspirations in terms of value and growth.

Once your target markets have been defined, we’ll collaborate with you in the development of marketing messaging and campaign content, tailored to drive action and perception change from your ideal clients.

We’ll then create a detailed marketing and implementation plan, featuring clear SMART objectives, to ensure that you’re reaching the right people at the right time with the right messaging.

Marketing Marketing from Approach Direct Marketing

Marketing Campaigns

The following campaigns are instrumental in achieving the best lead generation results...

Marketing Review from Approach Direct Marketing

Marketing Review

This ‘audit’ provides a snapshot of the current situation and includes a systematic examination of every marketing activity...

Here's what our clients have to say...

“Tracy and her team worked with us over 3 months making contact with new target customers by phone. They did a great job at making contact and keeping excellent call records. I highly recommend Tracy and her team.”

Software Developers

“I have worked with Tracy and her team at Approach for some years and they have run several campaigns for us, and this year have expanded their offering to include a full digital marketing campaign. Always impressed and would recommend them highly.”

IT Management Services

“We were very impressed with the results from the Ideal Client campaign we recently completed with Approach Direct Marketing. Tracy & her team exceeded our expectations as we were able to engage with a number of new corporate clients, which I am confident will lead to sales opportunities for the business.”

Corporate Branded Clothing