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9 Benefits of why your company should be using a CRM

9 Benefits of why your company should be using a CRM

Customer Relationship Management – CRM

Every company should have their own database to store prospects, customers, past clients and should also be using it to drive all their marketing activities. This is what makes a CRM pro-active as you are able to access to the data and manage your your sales pipeline.

Are you using your CRM effectively? Or is your business actively using a CRM? When a CRM system is implemented successfully into a business it can be used to improve revenues, profitability and increase customer loyalty.

Find below the 9 benefits why having a customer database is important and how when used effectively CRM could make your business perform better all round.


1: Deeper understanding of Customer Touch points

A CRM provides a full, accurate record of your entire interaction history with a prospect or customer that is easily accessible so you can remember each touch point with that customer and engage with them effectively. By analysing your customer touch points it will help drive your marketing activities.

2: Business efficiency

Colleagues can immediately share and access what activity has already been done with a prospect and what may be scheduled. The information they need is already in the CRM system and provides a smoother and more efficient business.

3: Repeat business from customers

More customers return for repeat business and staff are able to access the CRM to deal with their queries quickly and efficiently enabling the ability to provide a better customer experience and customer service.

4: Time management

When everyone can interact ‘live’ with the customer database the company will waste less time. Companies become more cohesive by recording important data relating to clients and potential clients and then letting everyone see it at once.

5: Cost Effectiveness

Your cost reduction will increase as an effective CRM allows you to forecast for your business better with deeper analysis and easy scheduling. By being able to plan ahead you can see where your marketing money is going and be more effective with your marketing activities.

6: Easier Sales Pipeline management

Better sales pipeline management, accurately predicts customers position in the sales pipeline and can identify who you should target next.

7: Easier Analysis

CRM systems provide you with easy monitoring and campaign metrics. This enables sales to get a more comprehensive analysis of conversion ratios from lead to opportunity to win or loss. See how far away you are from your goals and sales targets and how much you can make from each prospect.

8: Better targeting

Run far more successful and cost-effective marketing campaigns through better targeting. A CRM is able to profile customers and prospects by segmenting and categorising them into different opportunities.

9: More Flexibility

CRM systems allow cross platform campaign tracking. This allows you to see how all of your campaigns are performing whether that is Telemarketing, Social Media or a Direct Mail Campaign.

If you are looking for help with your customer database give us a call today to discuss your marketing support needs and we’ll put together a bespoke package tailored to your cost expectations and business objectives. Contact us.

About the author

Tracy Marshall Dip DigM

Tracy Marshall Dip DigM

Director at Approach Direct Marketing providing Marketing and Telemarketing services for SMEs, predominately in the East Anglia region.

Over 30 years in a wide variety of industries, both in the private and public sector, instrumental in setting up Telemarketing Departments back in the 1980-1990s and further developed her career by holding various internal & external Sales & Marketing management roles.

In 2007, launched own telemarketing business primarily focussing on the B2B sector. For almost 10 years, the company built up a solid reputation for providing excellent results in all telemarketing services, from cold calling, list building, database management, market research & in-house telemarketing training.

In 2015, gained the IDM (Institute of Digital & Direct Marketing) Professional Diploma in Digital and Direct Marketing qualification and expanded Approach Direct Marketing services to include creating marketing strategy, writing implementing marketing plans through targeted marketing campaigns.

Developed own Marketing Planning Tool 4R's - 'Review, Reach, Respond and Retain' - which works alongside other Marketing Frameworks like SOSTAC to assist clients in actively engaging with their customers, face-to-face.

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